Friday, January 9, 2009

On second thought....

Now that my blog is private, I was really, really tempted to post a picture of Bubba that is a little scandalous... but my conscience got the best of me. And no, Chelsea, Bubba is not a never-nude. But I wouldn't mind seeing him in a pair of really short jean cut-offs, like these:


sarahbclark! said...

wow, those are almost as cool as the shorts from his halloween costume.
oh, i do love tobias.
glad you included me. :)

Cheryl and William said...

you should have had your blog go private sooner to put up pics like that :-)

So, I actually really did not like Twilight. I saw your post about it but didn't want to ruin the hype. Here's what I wrote about it on my blog

And Kathy Reichs is great- she is a forensic anthropologist who uses bones to solve murders- her books are the inspiration for the tv series Bones.

Thanks for letting me continue to follow your adventures!

kim and morgan said...

Thanks for the invite Kim. I know what you mean on wanting to be a little juicier with your posts. I figured "Hey, if I am going private, I had better make it worth it!" Haa love it! So great to see you the other day. You look fabulous! Best wishes in the last haul of prego-nancy!

Kristen said...

wow. Where do you get a pair of those? A must for any mans wardrobe.