Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wily Coyote

Conversation at Dinner:

Henry: I want Sprite.

Me: You have to eat everything on your plate first. (For the record, the contents of said plate included 4 pieces of shredded cheese and 3 chocolate teddy grahams).

Henry (whining): But I want Sprite.

Me: You may have Sprite when your plate is empty.

(Henry picks up his plate and heads for the garbage can)

Me: No, Henry, that food has to be eaten.

Henry (looking pleadingly at Bubba): Do you want to eat this?

Bubba: No, Henry. You have to eat it.

Henry: I want Sprite!

Bubba: You can have Sprite when your plate is empty.

(Henry dumps the contents of the plate on to the floor).

Bubba: Henry, pick up that food.

Henry: No!

Bubba: I don't want to see that food on the floor.

(Henry picks up his blanket and covers the food with it.)

Henry (innocently): Can I have Sprite now?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seriously so blessed....

We were lucky to have Annie baby's blessing while we were in Utah. Pictured are the men who stood in the circle: my brother Scott (aka mic-holder), my Dad, Bubs, my father-in-law Lyle, and brother-in-law Geoffrey. Bubba gave a beautiful blessing. Annie wore the same blessing dress that I and all of my sisters and my niece Cara were blessed in. Ohh.....