Saturday, January 3, 2009

Imagination ran away with a spoon

This morning Henry, who has recently taken occupancy in our bed at night, woke us up by excitedly asking, "What's that spoon doing?". Bleary eyed, I asked him, "What spoon?" "That funny spoon," he said, "lets catch him." Further questioning brought forth even more bizarre comments from Henry, such as "spoon has legs and feet" and "spoon going out the window." I think he knew we were beginning to understand him when we asked about the dish and the cow jumping over the moon. "Lets get that cow," he said. We opted for reading him nursery rhymes from "My First Mother Goose" instead.


Stacy and Mike said...

Oh... it's starting already. The imagination that NEVER ends. I'm glad you get to experience that too.
So cute.
I'm happy we were able to spend a little time with you. Talk to you soon.

Stacy and Mike said...

I heard that Bubba got an X box? Kim..... how do you feel about that?

Marci said...

Ha! I love it! Interesting that he has taken to sleeping with you as Nathan has spent the last 4 weeks in our bed. He is kind enough to share his 3 am party time with all of us... Last night he got the boot, I NEED a few good weeks a sleep before I am up every few hours.

Ash said...

This is too funny! I love it! Oh, how cute their imagination is : ) Thanks for the invite to your blog!