Friday, February 27, 2009

Henry Said

Men and women have different styles of conversing, to be sure, but

toddlers take the difference to a whole other level. Henry has said some funny things this week. Among them:
-Bubba and I were talking about potty training. Henry was listening, and said eagerly, "I want to go on the potty train!"
-Henry has been a little obsessed with the movie Wall-E. So I guess it wasn't surprising that, when we dropped Bubba off at work and Bubba told Henry to "Be nice to mommy," Henry responded with ,"Be nice to Wall-E."
-Yesterday Henry volunteered to say the blessing for breakfast. It was hard to make out exactly what he was praying for, although I did hear the phrases "astronauts in space" and "Lightening McQueen on the road."


Stacy and Mike said...

It's really hard to keep a straight face and reserve laughing until after the prayer at our house and so it begins at yours. Prayer time = spiritual or entertaining?

Brian and Amy said...

This post was to funny. I love the things kids say. Kora is always making me laugh.

Karen said...

LOL, Some of the things toddlers say just crack me up. :)

janel said...

Oh, the two year olds of the world and their prayers! Does Henry like his new sister?

kim and morgan said...

So cute! I love what comes out of their mouths! :) How is the new baby? We'd love to see pictures on your blog!

Stacy and Mike said...

I know you are busy being a Mom to two... but really? You need to post pictures of your new daughter!