Sunday, June 8, 2008

Found on our Answering Machine from May 2004

This weekend, Bubba and I found an old telephone we used to use that has an answering machine on it. We plugged it in and found we had several saved messages on the phone, all left in May of 2004. These are the last messages before we moved out of our Highland Drive apartment before leaving for Notre Dame. Listening to the messages was like finding a slice of our lives preserved in time. We were mostly surprised to find that we used to have friends that called us! Below are some of the transcribed messages. They probably won't amuse you unless you were one of the callers. The message from Bubba's brother Jeremy we found particularly amusing (a note of historical context: Bubba's uncle Nolan was running for governor at the time).

-This message is for Michael Karras. This is Reyes - R- e -y -e- s - Aguilar - A -g- u -i- l-a-r - from the University of Utah. If you could please, return my call.

-Hi Bub, this is Seth (Thorup), just calling you back, or um, calling you from your email, if you could just call me at work or at home or reply to my email.

-Hey Bubba and Kim, I'm Patrick (Moyes). This is my new phone number, and perhaps you could call it back if you want to. Okay, bye.

-Hi ,Kim this is Emily Elsmore, aka Emily Bishop. How you doing? Calling because we want to play basically, on Friday, Kim, Kim Garrett, who was Gillespie, and Rachel, we're gonna get together and do something, so give me a call when you can .

-Hello Michael Karras, this is Ryan (Andrus), just calling, I had a couple of questions for you. Heard you got accepted to Notre Dame. Just give me a call back when you have a second. Thank you Michael.

-Mr. Baggins, this is Barry. Hey, uh, just wondering if your plans have changed or remained the same concerning work, just want to talk about timing and that sort of thing. Call me back and we'll figure it out.

-Hi Bubba this is Gary at Guitar Czar, I've got your guitar ready to go. Okay.

- Bubba, call your mother.

-Hi, this is Deanna at Stichin' Station, this message is for Kim. Just calling to remind you about the Afghan Knitting class on Thursday at 6:30. Thanks. (this was during my crossword and knitting phase).

-Hi you guys, it's Stace (Heaps). Just checkin in and and seeing what's going on in your lives. So call us when you have time. Bye.

-Oh, hi guys. This is Emily (Christensen) and we just miss you guys a ton. And I'm just getting even and calling you cause I want to talk to you but I'll call you this week. We're just dying to know what you guys decided and where you're going. I'll just try to call you sometime. Sorry I missed you, kay, we love you. Bye.

-Hello Kimita, this is Jamie (Eldredge). I'm just calling, I, um, there's an Invitational Track Meet tomorrow and I'm um calling to see if you guys could go. If you take the buses it's gonna take till 7 to get home and I don't want to stay till 7, so if you could give me a ride home or something that would be great. It's at East High - so call me so I know what I'm gonna do. Love you, bye.

-Hi Bubba, Risa wants you to do something, and me (Jeremy)too, yeah. Uh, but um, you know they have this poll on the Provo Herald Web page, it's Hark the Herald .com, it's just like, you know, in the bible - (to Risa) is that the bible? -um, just kidding, just get on there and it has a poll for governor and for some reason this poll Nolan's doing really crappy, he's doing really well on other ones but not this one so, but what you can do is when you go to the University of Utah , there at the library, there's all those computers, crank through 25, 30 computers, whatever you can , get in that many votes, but uh, Risa wants you to be sly about it, I don't think too many people will notice what you're doing, so that can be your small contribution to the campaign. But, uh, anyway, and if you want to, give us a call and say hello.

-Hey Kim, it's your mother, I'm just wondering if you needed that book. I have it, so call me. Bye.

-Bubba Karras, we're (Bubba's dad) looking for campaign workers at the campaign office on 4th south. Saturday from 2 till, I forget what it is, 6 or something like that. You'd just be making phone calls and handing it over, they're gonna have Rob Bishop there, who's a legislature, and Enid Greene and Norm Bangeter and Nolan talk to the people. They want people to dial for them. So, and also do some other campaign things like put stickers on stuff. So if you can make it down they'll make a party of it.


rk said...

Okay, Kim. You've lured me out of lurking on your blog with that post. Why are those messages so much more funny written out like that? And yes, Jer's message is hilarious. We were laughing hard reading it. I think he was using me as an excuse in that message. I don't think I was really encouraging him to have Bubba do that--so unethical! :)

janel said...

I wish I had left a message saying "You don't know me yet, but once you meet me and see the Village Exchange, you will WISH you moved to the Village instead of Indian Springs. So just do it." Do you think it would have worked?

Stacy & Mike said...

That is too funny. I am just wondering if I ever got a call back from that message? I am pretty sure I'm still waiting to hear back from you. :)

Marci said...

So funny! This almost makes me want to get a home phone with an answering machine. As it is I have my cell phone, and the only people who call are my sister and Danny, some days the phone never rings. Man, I sound pathetic! I guess I won't be stealing this post and making my own.

Emily said...

Wahoo,,,I made the cut. The funny thing is that I kind of remember leaving that message.
-emily bishop (as there were two emily's that called)