Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wily Coyote

Conversation at Dinner:

Henry: I want Sprite.

Me: You have to eat everything on your plate first. (For the record, the contents of said plate included 4 pieces of shredded cheese and 3 chocolate teddy grahams).

Henry (whining): But I want Sprite.

Me: You may have Sprite when your plate is empty.

(Henry picks up his plate and heads for the garbage can)

Me: No, Henry, that food has to be eaten.

Henry (looking pleadingly at Bubba): Do you want to eat this?

Bubba: No, Henry. You have to eat it.

Henry: I want Sprite!

Bubba: You can have Sprite when your plate is empty.

(Henry dumps the contents of the plate on to the floor).

Bubba: Henry, pick up that food.

Henry: No!

Bubba: I don't want to see that food on the floor.

(Henry picks up his blanket and covers the food with it.)

Henry (innocently): Can I have Sprite now?


Kimberlee said...

That is a cute story and the innocence of it is the best part. Kids have a way of really making you sorry that you ever put a condition on anything. And I often find myself wondering why I am making them eat their french fries and hot dogs before they can have applesauce and mandarine oranges...?

sarahbclark! said...

he's such a literal thinker! :)

Molly said...

Oh Kim....When I read this I ran to get Sean because we both know exactly how these conversations go! They are so much smarter than we give them credit for. Let's try to get together soon and see what kind of mischief our 2 boys can get into while we ooh and aah over our sweet innocent little baby girls!!

Stacy and Mike said...

I too had to bring Mike in to read it because it is sooooo funny! I love his thought process, thorough, not missing a beat! I mean did you make him eat if after he bi passed all the hurdles in front of him. I think we will keep an open mind for Kambree, he is adorable and it would serve her right! They are two peas in a pod!
Love the post.
It's been forever since we have talked ... we miss you guys. Coming back anytime soon?

Ann said...

That is so funny. As always, I love reading your blog. Couldn't you just update it every day? Are you too busy or something?

paulandeliza said...

I am laughing so hard I am going to pee my pants! That kid is so smart, and hilarious! Hope to see you guys soon, even though you were just here.
love ya! love Eliza

janel said...

Just remember they will not be two forever (notice the plural...I'm including Eliza in that). But, unfortunately, there will be 365 days of being 3 that follow...and if you survive that, you can do anything. Happy almost birthday to Henry. Now we know what to get him for a present.

Marci said...

You're going to have to watch out for this one, they get smarter, and more cunning. Nathan feeds his food to the dog, can't go back on that one.

April said...

Clever boy. Too funny!
Thanks again for letting us stay at your place... it was such a help, you guys are way too nice. Oh, by the way, I am going to go shopping for some brick-patterned wall paper today! Way jealous of that one!

Jason and Rachel said...

You are in so much trouble! So much funnier reading it than actuallly going through it I'm sure. Is his dad a lawyer?

Granny M said...

That's my Henry! He out-lawyered the lawyer! The moral to this story: Never leave a loophole; Henry will find it. Can't wait for the arguments over driving the car....