Saturday, November 8, 2008

Week in Review

On Halloween, Henry absolutely refused to wear his costume. This was about the closest we got to having him wear it - and he cried and screamed for the whole 30 seconds it was on. He didn't let not donning a costume stop him from trick-or-treating though. The basic concept of receiving free candy from complete strangers really appealed to Henry.

After trick-or-treating, we headed over to an Obama rally held at a nearby park (sorry, Dad). Although you can't tell, the man at the podium next to the white rectangular teleprompter really is Obama.

This is Henry and I at the rally. Henry is definitely not looking too excited to be there. In fact, as we were driving to the park, we told Henry we were going to see Barack Obama and he said, "No, John McCain!"

This is how I found Henry at 6 a.m. this morning. I could hear him dragging the chair around and knew he was up to something. This is a new move he's figured out - I've had to start hiding the candy and Oreos on the top shelf of our pantry.

This is where I found Henry at 11 am this morning. I think the time change has really thrown him off, because he has refused to nap all week. I think the lack of sleep must have finally caught up with him - I don't think he moved from this position for over 2 hours.


Marci said...

Kim I love the pictures! My girls were supporting Obama, I believe it is because his name is a little more fun to say than McCain. Love the picture of Henry sleeping, what I love even more is that your left him there until he was done! I need to call you as well...

Anonymous said...

In reference to Henry's choice of Presidential candidate, let if just be said, "in the mouth of babes". nough said. Dad.

Stacy and Mike said...

how cool to attend a rally. so funny about the costume, he may have some keaton tendencies. he us sure getting big!

janel said...

What an exotic life you lead there in Munster!!! Stop making us jealous. And I think there's a rule that says no 2-year-olds will actually wear their Halloween costume. We're two for two in our house.