Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Last Hoop?

Hoop 1: LSAT
Degree in Philosophy and unremarkable GMAT score prompt Bubba to apply for Law school. Becomes obsessed with preparation for the LSAT. Our conversations revolve entirely around the test and its ramifications.

Hoop 2: Application process
Test results reveal that admission to Law school is both probable and possible. Spend several hundred dollars applying to schools. Believing he is a Rudy-figure, Bubba decides on Notre Dame. We commit the rest of our lives to repaying student loans.

Hoop 3: 1st year
Move to South Bend. Bubba dons black frames to appear academic. Studies. A lot. At work, I endure the embarrassment of wearing unflattering scrubs and being verbally accosted by Richard "Digger" Phelps. Unfamiliar with the "down to earth" Midwestern style, I pride myself on being among the few Walmart shoppers who actually wears a belt.

Hoop 4: 1st Summer Internship
Return to Utah. Car reaches 100,000 mile mark on trip home. Sleep on a semi-truck mattress and share bathroom with Katie. Ruthless arguments over borrowing clothes ensues. Bubba invests in "business casual" attire for his job at the DA, including two pairs of shoes from Payless Shoe Source. The shoes are not argued over.

Hoop 5: 2nd Year
Move to London. Bubba enjoys going to school within a rock's throw of the beautiful Trafalgar Square. I enjoy pregnancy by sharing a toilet with 6 strangers. England's cuisine is not able to fulfill my craving for a corndog.

Hoop 6: 2nd Summer Internship
Back to Utah. Bubba returns to the DA's office, only this time to the civil division. Work proves to be much less interesting than the criminal side, as much of his tasks involve collecting outstanding library fines. We welcome beautiful little Henry to our family.

Hoop 7: 3rd Year
Make the trek back to South Bend. Journey is much more formidable with Henry in tow. Bubba and I enjoy leisurely lunches eating grilled cheese sandwiches and watching Magnum P.I. Interest in school work is noticeably waning. Despite this, Bubba finishes well and graduates. Receives his diploma while holding Henry, who decides to award his father by having a massive blowout. Return stained graduation robe to bookstore.

Hoop 8: Securing Employment
Take the first job offer Bubba receives. Hope that working in Hammond is better than unemployment.

Hoop 9: The Bar
The joy of graduation is mitigated by threat of the impending Bar exam. Bubba sells kidney to pay for Bar/Bri review course. Fear of failure motivates him to study excessively. I spend lonely evenings alone at Walmart, dressed in sweats and make-up free, and begin to feel oddly at home. Bubba completes the bar which involves re-enacting Tom Cruise's role in A Few Good Men, summarizing a John Grisham novel, and a staring contest with a district judge.

Hoop 10: Admission to the Bar
Bubba passes the bar! Drive to Indianapolis to be formally admitted to the Indiana Bar Association. Bubba now can add the title "esquire" to his name.

Congratulations Bubba!!!!


Anonymous said...

Mad props to Michael. Also, not-so-mad props. And gentle, caring props.

Hilarious entry, Kimbo. A nice summary of law school. I hope you're back to wearing a belt.


Dudleys said...

Hey! I was so happy to see your comment on our blog. You are hilarious and I loved reading your blog, you are quite the creative writer. Anyways, Henry is adorable and could easily make a quick career in baby Hollywood. Congrats to Bubba and yourself for passing the bar. (The wife has to work at it too, just from a diferent angle.) So props to you both!

Stacy said...

Ten Hoops is a lot! Congratulations!!!!

Vic and Lindsay said...

Congrats Bubba (and Kim) What a long journey, but one that you will never forget. You are such a cute family.
p.s I can barely read your blog...because it is too advanced for me. :) You are an amazing writer!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bubba and Kim. Your journey through law school is truly a time you will relish the rest of your lives. This will be a fond memory that will grow bigger as time goes by. Hope you kept your pictures. I am very proud of you both and know that you will find future success. I hope that success will bring you closer to Henry's grandparents. You are often im my thoughts and prayers. LYTE Dad Eldredge.

katie said...

I am so proud of you and your family! I can identify with so much of that journey, and, well you made it all sound so much nicer than it actually was. Congrats!

janel said...

Wow, that's a lot of hoops. I wish we had the last three down already! Congrats, Bubba. And, is Bubba officially Bubba now at work? Bubba Karras, Esquire? And congrats, Kim, for surviving it all. I bet you could make a list of hoops involving motherhood, marathon running, Anchorman watching, nursery music teaching, and Village Exchange sorting, among other milestones!